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First Stop is the airport for Kurt!!

We all wait for Kurt to return from Summer Camp in California

And here is our boy!

NO Kisses MOM!!!

Eve and Grace are SO glad to have Kurtie home!

Our First "educational" experience in Atlanta

We visit the Coke Museum... and learn what marketing is all about!

First Stop is the Coke Museum in Altanta


Eve is a good experimentor!!!!

Nope.... didn't like that one!

Umm Umm Good

The girls examine the coke machines of the future!

Jep.... he likes it all!

Can you believe all the different types of soda that Coke manufactures... all over the world.

A Still photo!

We learned that Coke is the world's greatest marketing company!!

Size matters

Next we visit Perry, Georgia

Perry is a sweet town in the middle of Peach Country!

Our Georgia Peaches

We visit the Lane Packaging Company to learn about Peaches

The Packaging Company owns it's own semi-automated plant and grows it's own peaches

Lane Peach Trees!!

And On to the Harriet Tubman Museum in Macon, Georgia

We thought we were going to a museum about Harriet Tubman..... wrong!

But, we did learn all about African Music and art

Drum Girl

Grace really inspects all the musical instruments

Another homeschool trip to Westville, Georgia

(where it's always 1820!)

Welcome to Westville!

Yum, we snack on real ginger bread from a hearth fire!!

Christa learns to work the bellows

Westville has a courtroom set up from the 1820's .... Eve barely makes it over the judges desk!

Judge Kurt Gefke ... all rise!

And the prisoner enters!

The well... man it's deep down there!

The ironsmith's work area!

Eve really wants to see too!!

Kurt gets a try at the work of an apprentice!

As we drive, we stop in a cotton field ... more homeschool fun!

Picking cotton is hard work.... we had no idea the pain involved!

Grace learns that cotton hurts her fingers... the seed pod is very sharp.

Beauty in the fields

We also do castings of paw prints we find in the field.

As we spend time in the field, the farmer stops by and teaches us about cotton farming.

Mom.... I am REALLY glad I don't have to do this for a living!

Our last stop in Georgia...



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