February 25, 2000

So, What possesses an otherwise sane woman to jump into the void… Sell her house, rummage sale all her "junk" and put into storage all her decent belongings? I think it is LOVE.

Jeff and I are riding off into the sunset…. Albeit with our three children along for the adventure!! It never was our dream to end up in suburbia, but here we are! At 44 and… well, I’m over 40, here we are… leaving suburbia and setting off into the great frontier. I am excited and a little bit afraid!

First thing to do is to sell the house. Lucky for us the market has improved dramatically since we purchased the house. We can make a little profit from the sale and use most of it to pay down our considerable debt with Uncle Sam (ah, the joys of self-employment), and put some away for our return to civilization.

Everyone wants to know…. Why? Why not? At 44 and 41, we are young enough to be able to enjoy traveling non-stop with our kids (12, 9, 3) and old enough to be worn out from the rat race. Our lives are a constant struggle to stay aboard the treadmill. 

Mind you, we have a nice life. A beautiful home in an exclusive guard gated community in Southern California. Three beautiful and well-behaved children, a wonderful social life and a rich spiritual life. We are well educated and well read. But something is missing from our lives. Some sense of Mission.

It all began in 1999 with our focus on y2K preparation. We did all the self-reliant stuff; bought six months worth of food, stored 300 gallons of water, learned how to bake bread, make cheese and live with less. That led us to homeschooling. 

Our oldest child (a son) was the typical gifted student… really smart and a big underachiever! We looked into private schools. But, why pay thousands of dollars for the privilege of him continuing the same behaviors? So… homeschooling seemed our most logical choice. Jeff actually came up with the idea and I embraced the concept.

We discovered that homeschooling was an ideal situation. I got to spend lots of time with my darling pre-teen son, developing a wonderful and unique friendship. I began to itch for the same relationship with our nine-year-old daughter. Hmmmmm. She wasn’t into the concept of homeschooling, her friends mattered too much, maybe next year was her response. 

Ok. Jeff saw the relationship between our son and I develop. He began to notice he was missing out on knowing our kids. He wanted more. More time with his children and wife.

Jeff’s business had been uncomfortable for the last several years, as we moved from manufacturing to a more service approach to sales. He made some bad business decisions and I supported those decisions. That led us into debt. So, here we are with a debt-laden business that is profitable… what do we do? We needed a fresh start.

Jeff has always toyed with the idea of "running away" and living "simply" without all the extraneous "junk". I have always reacted strongly with NO! I didn’t want to leave my house, my friends, and my stuff! However, one thing occurred to me as I was bemoaning my fate. I love my husband. I really love my husband. What a wonderful gift of love and support I could give him, by fulfilling his fantasy.


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