This website began as an experiment in education.  We thought that as we home schooled across the country, other children would learn about places they could not personally travel to, but could travel via our children's web pages and the experiences they would chronicle.  So, we posted our web address on the side of the RV, eagerly hoping to help teach other kids about this great country.

It didn't turn out quite that way... 

Christa's  Journal  began as self expression and exploration.  It was written initially to chronicle the journey we had undertaken in a personal and spiritual  manner.   As we traveled, both the website and the journal began to take on an unexpected life.  We heard from people all over the country, people we didn't even know.  They either found our website through friends or saw it on the side of the RV.  Every day we received emails from strangers,  they were enthralled with the journal, some were encouraged, some were inspired, but all were touched in some way.  This is a side benefit of Christa's journal.  The intention was to explore personal growth and change and somehow it has become a place of vicarious growth and fun for many, many other Americans.  This is a blessing to us, a real unexpected side-benefit.  Please enjoy, and remember... the intent of the journal is personal growth, if you get something from the writing, God has blessed us all.

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS:  To find a particular journal entry, first click on the hyperlink for the year in which you are interested, then click on the month that you would like to view! 


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